Beautiful Skin

  • Wondrous Face Oil

    Wondrous Face Oil

    Wondrous Roots’ botanical base oil from which we make our Wondrous Skin Cream & Lotion, Essential & Sensitive Immune creams.   When used alone in super concentration as a facial treatment - containing some 50 plant oils,...

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  • Wondrous Skin Wondrous Skin

    Wondrous Skin

    Wondrous Skin 1.7oz A “Wondrous Food” for the Face!  One of my most popular creations, each jar contains many, many sumptuous servings of nutritious food for your face (or hands, or feet, or body!). Actually entirely edible - though I...

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  • Hyaluronic Acid Beauty Serum

    Hyaluronic Acid Beauty Serum

    Since learning this information, I do not recommend using hyaluronic acid on the skin.  However, I have customers/clients who still want to use it, and that's fine. Still, I do not use it.  I use our Wondrous Facial Serum. That said, we...

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  • Wondrous Tub Wondrous Tub

    Wondrous Tub

    Nutrient-dense, coarse Dead Sea Salt with the restorative blend of essential oils: CITRUS BOWL - Essential oils of tangerine (Citrus reticulata),grapefruit (Citrus racemosa), and Orange (Citrus sinensis). VANILLA - Essential...

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  • Wondrous Skin PM - with Melatonin

    Wondrous Skin PM - with Melatonin

    Wondrous Skin PM 1.7oz The Nighttime Formula - with 2% melatonin...a deep, deep "beauty sleep" for your face!  Some of my clients use Wondrous Skin PM as a sleep aid.   Melatonin is a hormone with many vital influences on health,...

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  • Wondrous Face Wash - 4 oz Wondrous Face Wash - 4 oz

    Wondrous Face Wash - 4 oz

    A sumptuous blend of skin-friendly and nourishing oils with Castile Soap. This "wash" is fabulous for all skin types. This wash looks exactly like a lotion... with water a gentle foaming action ensues, and this all due to the saponified coconut/olive oil...

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