Gymnema Leaf


Also known as Gymnema sylvestris 

Introduction  Gymnema comes to us from mainland India and several parts of Africa and has a deep history rooted in Ayurvedic medicine.  Currently it is one of the major botanicals being administered for those suffering from diabetes, in boosting insulin levels and controlling healthy blood sugar levels. Because Gymnema has a molecular structure similar to sugar, it blocks and inhibits a large percentage of sugar absorption and has the incredible ability of severing ones desire for sugar. This probably explains its widespread use by Mothers wishing to tame their childrens sweet tooth. 

Constituents  Gymnemic acid, parabin, glucose, and carbohydrates. 

Parts Used  The leaf taken orally. The best preparations have been those from whole leaf tea, but many liquid extracts and capsules work comparably well. 

Typical Preparations  Tea infusion from the leaf, either cut or whole, or taken orally in capsule or extract form. (Not to exceed 400 mg daily). 

Summary  Avid and thorough Indian research is working hard to quantify and validate the sugar balancing properties of Gymnema. It is their belief that these findings will further prove the effectiveness of Gymnema in controlling blood sugar. Because of its ease in use, and promising results it is widely used and popularly accepted as a safe and effective treatment in diabetes. However it should be noted that those currently on insulin or hypoglycemic drugs will have to monitor their levels more closely. 

Precautions  Gymnema can enhance the blood glucose lowering effects of insulin and hypoglycemic drugs. Blood glucose levels should be monitored closely.


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