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Summer Woes!

  • Summer Woe Rescue Kit - a $50 Value!

    Summer Woe Rescue Kit - a $50 Value!

    Our SUMMER WOE RESCUE KIT is all you need to enjoy the great outdoors without worry about how you will handle: INSECTS, from mosquitoes to black flies to ticks to fleas to horseflies and deerflies - use BECK'S BUG BLAST to deter... then... if you do get...

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  • O'TOM Tick Remover

    O'TOM Tick Remover

    Easily remove ticks with TICK TWISTER® It doesn’t leave the tick’s rostrum in the skin It doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen It removes ticks of any size It removes ticks from animals and people It enables a quick...

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  • Lyme Resistance

    Lyme Resistance

    ASTRAGALUS ROOT (Astragalus membranaceus, ELEUTHERO ROOT (Eleutherococcus senticosus), HOLY BASIL/TULSI (Ocimum sanctum).   Grain alcohol 60%, spring water. Strength 1:5. Suggested Use:  Shake well.  1 dropper 3-4x per week or 3x per day...

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  • Jewelweed Soap - For Poison Ivy, Oak &  Sumac

    Jewelweed Soap - For Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac

    Our Jewelweed Soap is all natural glycerin and Jewelweed plant soap. It's wonderful at washing away the oils from Poison Ivy and Oak & Sumac. It also soothes the itch of active rashes. So don't let Poison Ivy get you down this summer! Keep Jewelweed...

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  • Beck's Bug Blast - For People & Dogs

    Beck's Bug Blast - For People & Dogs

    Formulated to repel black flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, deerflies, ticks, fleas, etc. Non-toxic Pleasant, natural scent Essential oil fragrance only Essential oils chosen for their effects on each of the various varmints Actually good for your...

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  • Allergy Relief Plus Allergy Relief Plus

    Allergy Relief Plus

    Strengthens mast cell membranes to inhibit release of histamine; does not interfere with normal healthy activity of histamine so without the drowsy side effects of standard antihistamine agents.  Osha root is excellent for thinning mucus, stopping...

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