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Holistic Health Practitioner - Nutrition, Herbs, & Complementary Therapies

Certified holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, and traditional apothecary/herbalist Rebecca L. Montrone employs the modalities of diet, lifestyle management, nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones, and botanicals to help bring healing and optimize health. Whether you are dealing with serious illness or simply looking for a "tune-up," Rebecca welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve your health-related goals. Set up an appointment with her for a nutritional consultation and get to the root of your health problem.

Listening is Key - At Wondrous Roots we believe there is no substitute for listening carefully to each person when attempting to understand his or her unique picture of health. Mainstream healthcare focuses on laboratory data and isolated health issues rather than spending the time necessary to understand each person as a whole.

 You can receive a comprehensive health consultation with Rebecca either locally on-site or by phone or video conference, depending on your preference. Whether you are dealing with serious illness or simply looking for a "tune-up," Rebecca welcomes the opportunity as a holistic health practitioner to help you achieve your health-related goals.

Our Services:

  • Comprehensive Nutritional/Health Consultation
  • Educational Presentations
  • Botanical Pharmacy - Formulary & Dispensary/Online Storefront

While Rebecca's degree is in nutrition, she is a practicing herbalist and maintains a full botanical pharmacy. All of her extractions are done in small batches on-site, using the highest quality materials available. The botanical pharmacy boasts 150+ single plant extracts and 60+ liquid extract formulas, which can all be conveniently purchased from our online store. In addition, you will find cutting-edge skincare products and other topical therapies, chemical/artificial-fragrance-free body, bath, and home products.

Wondrous Roots is located in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire!

Wondrous Roots

At Wondrous Roots we have helped many people realize and overcome their health issues. All of the credit goes to the people themselves who sought help for their problems, and to the founder of Wondrous Roots, Rebecca L. Montrone.






Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Science degree in holistic nutrition, is a practicing herbalist, and maintains the "Wondrous Roots" private consulting practice and botanical pharmacy. Rebecca's passion for health and vitality began when she opened her mother's copy of Adelle Davis' Let's Have Healthy Children many years ago — when Rebecca was still in her teens.

After tragically losing her mother to Alzheimer's disease when her mother was only 58, Rebecca resolved to discover and share as much as possible about how to prevent disease and enjoy a long life of vibrant health. Apprenticed at "the knee" of her father, the late and legendary compounding pharmacist E. George Roentsch - of The Apothecary in Keene, New Hampshire - Rebecca carries on her family's multi-generational mortar & pestle tradition using the medicines of the earth.

Wondrous "Roots" Explained

  1. Family "Roots" - As above, and now bringing Wondrous Roots to downtown Keene in January, 2013, Rebecca's birthplace and hometown, this brings the "root" concept full circle!
  2. "Roots" of Health & Disease - Seemingly unrelated health issues in an individual often stem from just one, two, three... "root" causes. Discovering and addressing these "roots" from a holistic perspective can in many cases bring dramatic results.
  3. "Roots" - Medicines of the Earth - Using the healing powers of nature - God's magnificent provision - to bring restoration and vitality.

Inspiring Others

Rebecca is a popular speaker on subjects ranging from preconception/pregnancy and childhood nutrition to anti—aging strategies and nutrition for the elderly. Some of her favorite topics include nutrition for expectant mothers and children, natural approaches to preventing or beating cancer, and misconceptions surrounding major health topics, including what really makes us fat, cholesterol, and more.