MSM Eye Drops

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Contains:  PURILENS Preservative-Free Saline Solution; methylsulfonyl methane (MSM) (5%).

MSM is an organic sulfur which increases collagen synthesis. Collagen breakdown contributes to various eye conditions resulting from the inability of the eye to secrete toxins and fluids. I first compounded this eye-drop for a client with a severe case of dry eye syndrome. It has since been used by those with cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and for those who simply interested in preserving eye health.*


"Just wanted to say that the MSM eye solution is fantastic.  I had a small pimple on my right lower eyelid, and within a couple of days of using the MSM it was gone!  I notice that my eyes definitely feel much less dry, as well... so, I'm hooked!"

Kristen Snowman-Shelley - Keene, NH

"Becky, I have a great story for you. My husband and I have been in St. Martin since late December. We are friends with a couple from England. The man has diabetes, and his mum has glaucoma and diabetes.  I lent him the MSM Eye Drops of Wondrous Roots because the poor man couldn't keep his eyes open. He has used them for the past two weeks, and his eyes are open and have improved greatly! He looked MSM up online and found out that it helps people with diabetes and glaucoma. I will tell him to order the drops from you when he runs out. You do so much good for people, Becky. Happy New Year, dear friend."
 —AC Michelotti - Greenwich, CT

MSM EYE DROPS – June 2013 

The eye drops are lovely!  Wish I had gotten them sooner,  and my husband likes them too (his eyes were bad this year from pollen).  - Susan Dalton – Norwalk, CT


*This statement not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

30 ml (1 FLUID OUNCE)


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Cheryl Perin 17th May 2021

MSM Eye Drops

These drops are fantastic! The drops have definitely helped cut down on eye floaters, as well as helping my eyes to feel relaxed and not dry. I've been using them about a week. I highly recommend them!

Kathleen H. DeLalla 11th Mar 2021

MSM eye drops

Too early to tell; I'll have to give it much more time to see any difference. I've only used it a couple days so far. Thank you

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