IOGOPK - Certified Organic Microgreen Powder - 1 oz

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Indoor Organic Garden's of Poughkeepsie (IOGOPK) Certified Organic Microgreens Powder 


All-Natural - Non-GMO

No Pesticides - No Fertilizer

Soil Grown

Certified Organic by NOFA-NY, LLC


SPROUTS:  80% broccoli/20% radish 

Net wt: 1 oz/28.35 gm

The Compelling Characteristics of IOGP Microgreens
  1. Organic: No Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, non-GMO, Chemical Fertilizer
  2. Live: Harvested and Dehydrated Immediately at Room temp without compromising live components of the plant.
  3. High Density Micronutrients: 51,600 IU/100g Vitamin A, beta carotene. Freshly picked Mature Broccoli has 623 IU/100g.
  4. Availability: Harvested every day year around.
  5. Shelf Life (Powder): More than several months if kept in airtight container.
  6. Pure Veggies: Zero additives, fillers or emulsifiers.
  7. Small Dosage: 1 tsp per day, 25 tsp/ounce. 
  8. Convenience: Sprinkle on any prepared food prior to consuming.
  9. Sulforaphane: You MUST learn about SULFORAPHANE!!!

What is Sulforaphane?

Sulforaphane is a powerful phytochemical compound which is created when two enzymes, myrosinase and glucoraphanin, combine. These enzymes are found in different parts of the plant and are brought together to form sulforaphane, usually when the vegetable is “damaged” by being chewed, chopped, or blended.

What is Sulforaphane Good for?

Research has shown that sulforaphane has a wide range of health benefits from supporting your gut microbiome, brain, heart, and liver function to healing with depression and anxiety.

Sulforaphane has also been shown to be anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial and anti-aging. Studies consistently show that a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables decreases your risk of chronic disease and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Huntingdon’s disease.

But sulforaphane’s headline benefit is helping to protect against a range of cancers, helping to defeat cancer cells and inhibiting the growth of tumors. Sulforaphane’s potent anticancer effect has been shown to be particularly helpful against colon, prostate, breast, stomach and skin cancers. The National Cancer Institute lists sulforaphane as an antioxidant and anticarcinogen, due to its ability to induce detoxification enzymes in the body. 


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