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MORINGA LEAF - For very detailed information, please click on link...

Moringa oleifera, raw - Organic Designation Pending. Wildcrafted, hand-dried (India), grain alcohol, spring water; alcohol 60%. Strength 1:5.

One of nature's most nutritious foods, it is ideal for helping our bodies maintain optimum health. The nutrition in this miraculous tree has been used traditionally to treat over 300 different

Rebecca speaks:  I first learned about the extraordinary uses of the Moringa plant from my association with "Widows & Orphans International" - OWIDOP - in Kenya, Africa.  Florence Gundo, the amazing woman who spearheaded and oversees this amazing work grows medicinal herbs such as Moringa, uses them in foods for the children and ladies, and then sells a very nutritious porridge to supplement their needs.  

Some of the possible health benefits of the Moringa Leaf:

● Boosts the natural defenses of the body.
● Nourishes the brain and eyes.
● Helps regulate a healthy metabolism.
● Promotes healthy cell structure.
● Promotes healthy cholesterol levels.
● Supports healthy function of the liver & the kidneys.
● Beautifies the skin.
● Antibiotic properties
● Increases energy.
● Lowers blood sugar levels.
● Expels parasites.
● Aids in proper digestion.
● Contains powerful antioxidants that reduce the risk of tumors & the effects of aging. 
● Possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties.
● Promotes a healthy circulatory system.
● Supports the normal sugar levels.
● Helps detoxify the body
● Effective against nervous system disorders including normal & migraine headaches.
● Gives a feeling of general wellness.

PRECAUTIONS: Moringa leaf is considered safe for use by infants, children, and adults.

SUGGESTED USE: Add 3-6 "squirts" - what comes up in a draw of a dropper to a bit of warm water and drink 2-4 times daily.

* This statement not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Additional Info

1.00 Ounces
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