Plantain Salve - For Insect & Spider Bites - 1 oz

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Certified organic extra virgin olive oill, certified organic plantain leaf, organic beeswax, alpha-tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E).

Plantain leaf is a natural remedy for a poisonous bite of any kind. It works remarkably, drawing out the poison and relieving itch. It will antidote brown recluse and even black widow spider bites instantly. I have always used it and sold it to my clients and customers in liquid extract form, which works very well, but one of my clients asked me to put this up in a salve, and so I have. I love it. It is perhaps easier to apply, and the emollients soothe the skin, as well. I have since found it works well for rash and skin irritation not related to insect bites.

Insect bites are a problem, not only because of the discomfort and annoyance but because insects can be carriers of disease. Keep a jar of this on hand at all times; you’ll never know when you’ll need it.



Reviews (7)

Erin 4th Jun 2019

Bug bite salve

My two boys under the age of 7 love having the salve applied to their bites. There is no strong smell and gives them relief quickly. They don't fight to have it placed on them and there is no pain involved. When the jar is empty, I plan on ordering more!

Katie 29th May 2019

Insect bite or sting

I got a bite or sting (I’m really not sure) on the top of my foot the other day. It was really sore and was purply/red. I used the salve a few times during the day and by the morning (less than 24 hours) it was just about gone and didn’t hurt!

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