Plantain Leaf Extract - For Insect & Spider Bites, Dental Care, More!

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PLANTAIN LEAF - For more detailed information, please click on the link...

DON'T GET "BIT" WITHOUT IT! - BUT... not JUST for bug bites!

Plantago major - Certified Organic (Bulgaria), grain alcohol 60%, distilled spring water. Strength 1:5.

Exceptionally strong "drawing" properties; used for insect bites and stings, including black widow and brown recluse spiders; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic; being studied for effects on blood sugar regulation.*

Summary: Plantain has been used as a panacea in some Native American cultures and with some very good reasons. Many of its active constituents show antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as being anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic. The leaves, shredded or chewed, are a traditional treatment for insect and animal bites and the antibacterial action helps prevent infection and the anti-inflammatory helps to relieve pain, burning, and itching. There is some investigation ongoing to study its affects on lowering blood sugar. Excellent for infection and pain in the mouth. 

Rebecca speaks:  I have seen miraculous results with the simple application of liquid plantain extract to insect bites of all kinds, but especially with regard to severe spider bites.  

Precautions: None known.

Suggested Use: Shake well. For insect bites and itch related to irritants, apply extract topically to cover as needed. For infection/pain in the mouth, add to small amount of warm water and swish for as long as possible, then swallow.  Can apply to guaze and hold on affected area.  For internal use, twelve years and older, add 1-4 ml (15-60 drops) to a small amount of water and drink. Use 3-4 times daily as needed. To evaporate alcohol before drinking, add to a cup of heated water (no microwave!) and allow to sit for ten minutes before drinking. If an herb is appropriate for children, herb doses for children under 12 are typically 1/2 the adult dose; adjust by weight accordingly or check with a qualified practitioner. 

*This statement not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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yeiter 10th Jul 2020


stuff works surprisingly well...had tooth extraction of molar that did not go well and the pain was almost unbearable unless I took a continuous stream of advil and tylenol....burning holes in my stomach and/or destroying my liver was getting worrisome after two weeks of agony...tried plantain thinking it would not even begin to address, was I surprised....great for dental pain...absolutely!!!

Linda Adams 27th Dec 2015

plantain leaf

This is a great product to keep in your cabinet ,travel with and share with others. I use this product with many uses . Here's a few examples any insect bite , on set of a sore throat I gargle a few drops in warm water .then repeat in another small dose and swallow slowly . I use a few drops in warm water for ear aches or clogged up ears due to onset of cold or flight or wind in ears . I use a few drops for clogged up nose as well when bothered with allergies or onset cold I use it for blemishes as well. This product is amazing like its maker who gave us this wonderful plant and an amazing young lady herbalist who created these awesome formulas Thank you Becky ! You are appreciated in all you do for me my family and others. God bless you.

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