BONE BROTH FOR THE BONE CHILL...  icy berries dreamstime_xs_1698257

While the winds howl, the snow swirls, and the temperatures drop...

Let's talk about the many health benefits of hot, yummy, rich, soothing, and collagen rich BONE BROTH!bone broth cup dreamstime_xs_35403901

  • Got pain?  Get broth.
  • Got wrinkles?  Get broth.
  • Got fat?:  Get broth.


PDFDr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Resource Guide lots of good info here...

BOOK - Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet:  Lose up to 15 lb, 4 Inches - and Your Wrinkles! - in Just 21 Days  - you'll also see several other books on the WONDROUS subject of BONE BROTH



ARE MOODY WOMEN BEING DRUGGED INTO SUBMISSION BY BIG PHARMA?   or, in the words of Henry Higgins,  "Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man?"

women drugs dreamstime_xs_22646400