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Thanksgiving Weekend... and, by my description, Carbophobic Co-Host John Huyck rejoins Becky, this  time, to talk about a dinner table full of various health topics!



Simple nutrient deficiencies that can lead to serious diseases, such as:


Becky highlights a fascinating case from this week at Wondrous Roots: woman feeling bad dreamstime_xs_59624861

  • Healthy 29-year-old, nurse, mother of two,  with sudden onset of
    • brain fog to the point of getting lost while driving
    • crazy fevers with blood work all normal for infection/chills
    • severe fatigue
    • inability to sleep
    • severely infected throat with no infection found
    • CTs of the brain, MRI all normal

What's going on?  Finally, diagnosis of post-concussive syndrome - come to find out, she had suffered a fall prior to the onset of these symptoms!

What to do?  Recommendations for lying down all the time in a dark room for as long as it takes?? Months, up to a year?  Really?

Becky says:

  • Suspicious for Guillain-Barre syndrome, triggered by traumatic brain injury in this case, unleashing a systemic-wide autoimmune attack - check for using spinal tap
  • Balance and regulate the immune system using plant sterols and sterolins
  • Provide key nutrients necessary for healing and restarting the mitochondrial energy process

Kate-GardasilFinally... and FINALLY is the very SAD word here:

Gardasil vaccine injured "Kate" finally dies at age 19 following 3 years of suffering...

Keep your health?  Keep your sleeves rolled down!  Sleeves down dreamstime_xs_44748839