"Humoral Temperaments?"

What are they?  And... what might that have to do with my HEALTH?

The Four Temperamentsdreamstime_xs_60867878

Clincial Herbalist, Justin Garner, from Sweet Flag Medicinals Herbal Clinic & Apothecary  in Brattleboro, VT....
joins Becky once again!

This time, for a lively discussion or the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS and their application to the practice of Western herbal medicine...

Where might you see YOURSELF?

See yourself dreamstime_xs_63441600

Justin Garner has been hooked on plants since the fourth grade. His childhood hobby of seeking out edible wild plants has transformed into a passion for working with the plants to bring healing to humans and animals. Formal education in organic and biochemistry, human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, botany and clinical herbalism, in conjunction with his direct experiences with the plants themselves, allows him to gain a holistic perspective of his clients. He uses this perspective to educate his clients on herbal, dietary, and lifestyle changes that can aid them on their paths to health. He practices out of Sweet Flag Medicinals in Brattleboro, Vermont. Justin is also an avid edible and medicinal mushroom forager. He is available to lead mushroom forays particularly during the bountiful months of July, August, and September.