Hourglass dreamstime_xs_3338006WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ran out of time last week!   Top of the hour, Clinical Herbalist JUSTIN GARNER from Sweet Flag Medicinals Herbal Clinic & Apothecary  in Brattleboro, VT, calls in to finish up our discussion of last week, surrounding holistic approaches for opiate dependence.  Stopwatch dreamstime_xs_51570853This time, Justin will tell us about a plant medicine known as KRATOM, which he tells me is the most exciting herbal medicine for this problem of epidemic proportion. 

 Kratom dreamstime_xs_54017016





Spotlightdreamstime_xs_14777909Today, in the “SPOTLIGHT!”   - THE BAD!

The oh-so-often prescribed PPI’scan these popular purple pills actually cause autoimmune illness??

CASE REPORT:  Client with long-term acid reflux problems prescribed proton-pump inhibitorOMEPRAZOLE develops mysterious rash.

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”
— William Wilberforce

Today, in the “SPOTLIGHT!” -  THE GOOD!  Starry Spotlight dreamstime_xs_47103850
A SPOONFUL OF MUSTARD MAKES THE LEG CRAMPS GO AWAY  - first heard about this from my Uncle "Spanky!"  Mustard dreamstime_xs_181022

Detective dreamstime_xs_20965783WHAT'S THE ROOT?   Do your detective work.  Look at all the branches, then figure out the ROOT.

"Nourish the roots, and the branches will begin to flourish." - Rebecca Montrone  


Beginning next week - new weekly section - CASE REPORTS - many health problems, many health practitioners - where's the connection?

What's really at the ROOT?