Clinical Herbalist Justin Garner, from Sweet Flag Medicinals in Brattleboro, Vermont, joins Becky, this time talking about botanical support and strategies to help the addicted through opiate withdrawal.  Special guest is Kevin, a local man who became addicted at age 19 when prescribed Oxycontin for pain related to an injury.



Why BigPharma solutions are not adequate, botanical alternatives, and how our government is used by big corporate interests to make them unavailable to us.


Help for Those Addicted to Opiates Once Again Under Siege!
FDA's recent attack on Kratom based on lies and junk science, warns herbal group.
What's the real reason the government wants to outlaw this wondrous plant?  BigPharma has been patenting the alkaloids in Kratom so they can restrict Kratom's use to their own expensive drugs.  Think Kratom doesn't work?  Well, they obviously know it does work!


While most of the methadone-based treatments prescribed in the treatment of heroin and opiate addiction can produce the same kinds of highs created by the drugs themselves, cannabis can treat addiction without the resulting euphoric feelings. Of the 400 or more chemical compounds in cannabis, only tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) produces a high. Many forms of cannabis can be grown and processed without this factor, which makes marijuana even safer to treat addiction than other drugs.

A Listener Asks...


"I have a friend who has MRSA for the third time.  She had sinus surgery in September and developed the MRSA for the third time.  She has had a PIC line and oral antibiotics and just had tests that show the MRSA is worse.  The are going to do a PIC line again and use one more antibiotic but are not to hopeful of it's success.  I am super worried about her.  She is about 43 and is a wonderful friend.

Any thoughts or ideas that I could share with her that you have found?

She is a diabetic also, not sure if that is important."