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Wondrous Roots Radio Notes - Raymond Elias Hypnotherapy and Stress - Aug 12, 2017


SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2017 – Clinical hypnotherapist Raymond Elias rejoins Becky, this time for a discussion surrounding the effect of stress on nutrient absorption, breathing technique for increasing carbon dioxide levels and alkalizing the body’s pH.  Also, the benefits of baking soda for the same!  

Becky welcomes back... from Toronto...


Raymond Elias, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Raymond has been working with clients in a clinical environment for over eight years. In the course of over 3,800 hours of session time, Raymond has assisted clients in achieving their goals in a variety of situations. Whatever the condition, clients develop the mental acuity to reclaim that part of their life in which they perceive they have lost control. In essence, Raymond is a facilitator, giving clients the required tools and optimal conditions for them to make the positive changes they seek.


Treatment Specializations

Smoking cessation, fears and phobias, neuro-linguistic programming, and development of stress-reduction strategies. He also has experience in sports hypnosis and medical hypnosis.


University of South Hertfordshire (U.K.), B.Sc. (Honours), (1985)
Ontario Hypnosis Centre (2005)
Certified clinical hypnosis practitioner (ChT) (2005)
Master of clinical hypnosis (MhT) (2005)

Professional Memberships

National Guild of Hypnotists and the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists


Raymond likes to paint oils to relax, and enjoys writing fiction in his spare time.

Today, Raymond will weigh in on STRESS...


...its many effects on health, how to reduce simply, inexpensively, and effectively

Raymond highly recommends the Buteyko Breathing Method as well as...

Sodium Bicarbonate - Full Medical Review - Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment

New Wondrous Roots' Product!

Interestingly enough, during one of our leisurely back 'n forth "I teach you; you teach me" conversations, Raymond asked me if I had heard of topical iodine to treat hemorrhoids and FAST.  I had not.  BUT... given the tip and given I had a client in the throes of incurable hemorrhoid, I checked it out, made up a simple formula, and VOILA!!!  Overnight 50% reduction; within four days nearly completely gone.  This was in a man so desperate he was considering surgical removal.

"I used the iodine oil last night and let me tell you, it's working!!! I can't say they were gone 100% over night, but I can comfortably say that they were at LEAST 50% shrunken and A LOT more comfortable. Last night I didn't even have to take pain meds just to sleep and I actually got a good amount of sleep! I've been using it twice a day, in the morning and at night and it's working wonders! Thank you so so much!!!"



 ... some major players:

IODINE - Iodine deficiency is what lurks behind most breast cancers of our times, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer

MAGNESIUM - also seen to be strongly deficient in cases of breast cancer

THEN... anticancer essential oil of FRANKINCENSE can help...

CONTAINS: Magnesium chloride gel, Lugol's solution 0.25%,

essential oil of Frankincense 1%

SUGGESTED USE:  Massage into breasts daily - the massage itself will be breast health protective, moving lymph, etc.

*This statement not evaluated by the FDA (because, of course, they can't get their head out of their ass). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.