Wondrous Roots Radio Notes - Valentine's Day - let's talk about the "ticker!" Feb 4, 2017


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2017 – Valentine’s Day is coming up; Let’s talk about the “ticker!”  Becky talks about how to protect your cardiovascular health. 



Valentine's Day is Coming Up Let's Talk about the "Ticker!" 

Collagen Support - Linus Pauling

 The Pauling-Rath Unified Theory of Heart Disease Nutrients:


There are other ways to increase collagen production, as well, such as drinking bone broth regularly, collagen supplements containing chicken cartilage or other collagen promoters, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), silicon supplements, more... 


"Eat more of ME to protect your heart health!"


Cholesterol Confusion - Saturated Fat a PLUS??  

"Though you may not have heard of it on the front pages of your local newspaper, online news source, or local television or radio news program, saturated fat plays a couple of key roles in cardiovascular health. The addition of saturated fat to the diet reduces the levels of a substance called lipoprotein (a)—pronounced “lipoprotein little a” and abbreviated Lp(a)—that correlates strongly with risk for heart disease. Currently there are no medications to lower this substance and the only dietary means of lowering Lp(a) is eating saturated fat. Bet you didn’t hear that on the nightly news. Moreover, eating saturated (and other) fats also raises the level of HDL, the so-called good cholesterol. Lastly, research has shown that when women diet, those eating the greatest percentage of the total fat in their diets as saturated fat lose the most weight."  

From Tim Ferris 7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat


Help From the Silkworm?

The serrapeptase enzyme has been proven to dissolve non-living
tissue and leave any living tissue alone.  It can safely remove the
fatty deposits and fibrin buildup on the inside of your arteries
without any side effects.  The dissolved deposits flush harmlessly
out of your body!  





Help from seaweed?

"Coronary Artery Disease: 6-Week Clinical Trial A clinical trial using ECE was conducted confirming its capacity to regenerate the vascular endothelium (the cells critical to the inner lining of the blood vessels) and recover plasticity of blood vessels after 6 weeks of treatment. The results indicate ECE's remarkable ability to induce recovery of endothelial cells and improve vascular plasticity. These findings demonstrate ECE’s ability to support restoration of vascular integrity by reversing atherosclerosis."




Further Enlightening References: 

Iodine and Your Heart

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