Ginger Root Extract

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Zingiber officinalis - Certified Organic (India), grain alcohol 60%, spring water. Strength 5:1.

Supports digestive health; anti-parasitic; commonly used for morning sickness & nausea; science supports actions to include lowering of cholesterol, prevention of blood-clot formation, relief of allergies/asthma, arthritis, colds.*

Summary: Scientists have found evidence to support ginger's wide range of medicinal actions. These actions include the lowering of cholesterol levels, relief for allergies and asthma, arthritis, colds, and nausea; and protecting the digestive tract and liver against toxins and parasites. Ginger inhibits cholesterol production in the liver, which makes up to 85% of the cholesterol in circulation in the blood stream. Ginger also decreases the activity of platelet-activating factor (PAF), a clotting agent that creates the clot that can result in heart attack of stroke. Ginger's ability to reduce PAF activity also makes the herb effective against allergies and asthma. PAF, which stimulates the inflammation seen in allergy and the bronchial constriction seen in asthma becomes more active when fat is consumed. Dried ginger, especially dried ginger tinctures, can offset this effect. In a clinical trial in India, the consumption of 5 grams (5 teaspoons) of dried ginger per day for seven days reversed blood lipid elevation caused by daily consumption of 100 grams (3-12/ ounces) of butter. Ginger relieves the pain of rheumatoid arthritis by stopping the immune system's production of inflammatory leukotrienes. Ginger's effects against infection have also been confirmed by laboratory science. One ginger compound kills cold viruses at a concentration of less than one part per million, a concentration to that found in raw ginger. Ginger contains a chemical called zingibain that dissolves parasites and their eggs. This anti-parasitic effect is put to use preparing sushi. Sushi is traditionally eaten with pickled ginger, and ginger extract have been shown to kill the anisakid worm, a parasite sometimes carried in raw fish, within sixteen hours. In addition, ginger tea effectively treats schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease increasingly prevalent among tourists returning to North America, Australia, and Europe from lesser developed areas of the tropics. Ginger can protect the lining of the stomach from alcohol damage, which aggravate existing ulcers and promote the development of new ones. Ginger is especially useful in small doses in pregnancy. Some babies are born breech, that is, feet first instead of hear first. Chinese researcher report that simply applying a ginger paste to a specific acupuncture point results in a 77-percent correction of breech births, compared to a 52 percent correction in women in the control group who had their babies turned manually. Ginger is also an age-old remedy for morning sickness. When used in herbal formulas, ginger protects the body from carcinogenic effects of valproic acid (Depakote), a medication commonly prescribed for migraine and seizure disorders.

Precautions: Although there are warnings in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and some medical texts about using ginger during pregnancy, ginger used in moderation, that is 3/4 teaspoon up to three times a day, poses no risk to mother's or baby's health. Studies in the late 1990's found that eating as much as 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw ginger or 5 to 8 tablespoons of dried ginger daily will not stimulate uterine contraction. Excessive use may cause gastrointestinal upset.

Suggested Use: Shake well. Twelve years and older, add 1-4 ml (15-60 drops) to a small amount of water and drink. Use 3-4 times daily as needed. To evaporate alcohol before drinking, add to a cup of heated water (no microwave!) and allow to sit for ten minutes before drinking. If an herb is appropriate for children, herb doses for children under 12 are typically 1/2 the adult dose; adjust by weight accordingly or check with a qualified practitioner.

*This statement not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Louise Germain 22nd Dec 2016

Essential Oils

Bought the diffuser necklace along with ginger essential oil for my sister inlaw who will be starting chemo therapy. Ginger helps with upset stomach. Hoping to get ahead of any potential side effects from the chemo treatment using a natural alternative.

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