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Wondrous Roots Radio Notes - Breast Cancer Overtreatment! - Jan 7, 2017


SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 2017 – Breast cancer treatment… What’s WRONG with this treatment.. REALLY?  What went wrong! 


A Wondrous Roots Case Study - Breast Cancer - What's Wrong With this Picture?

A classic case of medical care based in ignorance when it comes to breast cancer itself and Big Pharma-driven overaggressive treatment leading to devastating and unnecessary side effects.



AFTER her cancer was successfully removed, margins clear, "preventive" medicine ensued, to include:



Adriamycin and Cytoxan



Zolasta (which is for cancer metastasized to the bones!)

Treatment Side Effects

Severe swelling

Abdominal ascites


Radiation burn

Radiation damage to connective tissue


Other Meds

Tamoxifen - to break down estrogen

Zoladex injections to induce menopause

Zofran prescribed to help with nausea

Gabapentin prescribed to help with neuropathy

Dexamethasone for swelling

KA-CHING!!!!!  Oh yes, just keep feeding the coffers of Big Pharma's Cancer Industry...

Remember, this was all following surgery that removed the cancer that existed.


"Have YOU had your Preventive Chemo this year?"


Moving on, what was NEVER once investigated by my client's healthcare practitioners?

In this case, factors in the client's diet and lifestyle that may have contributed to the development of her breast cancer and need to be corrected to prevent recurrence:

Iodine deficiency - when it comes to breast cancer prevention, iodine breaks estrogen down to its benign, noncancerous form and then locks that form into the estrogen receptors in the body - including but not limited to the breasts - thereby blocking access to more toxic forms.  Guess what?  We are ALL iodine deficient if not supplementing.

Iodine Treats Breast Cancer - Overwhelming Evidence

Diet high in simple carbohydrates - cancer cells depend on glucose (sugar) for energy - don't feed them!  Another problem with consuming breads, crackers, and the like is the bromine, which displaces iodine in the body.

How the Ketogenic Diet Weakens Cancer Cells

Aspartame use - in this case diet soda

Aspartame found to cause breast cancer, leukemia, and lymphomas in latest animal studies

Lawn chemicals & plastics - both contain synthetic estrogens - one of the

From Exposure to Chemicals for Lawns & Gardens

From Exposure to Chemicals in Plastics

Leaky gut - intestinal dysbiosis  - gut bacteria is vitally involved with the breaking down of estrogen

Breast Cancer and Your Microbiome - Leaky Gut

Hormone imbalance - progesterone is dwarfed in our estrogen-dominant environment and bodies

Progesterone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer - Northrup - Do not be confused - this means your body can USE bio-identical progesterone to help counter the estrogen, NOT that progesterone is driving your cancer!


Dietary change - as above

Avoiding chemicals in plastics, pesticides, etc., as much as possible


Iodoral - iodine/potassium iodide - estrogen metabolism

Acetyl-l-glutathione - estrogen metabolism and detoxification; cancer prevention via its role in apoptosis of mutating cells

Selenium in multivitamin to work with glutathione and iodine

Dr. Axe Leaky Gut Repair & Probiotics - heal the GI tract to support estrogen metabolism

Beta glucan 1, 3-D to support the immune system in fighting cancer AND immune system balancing in the event she actually does have psoriatic arthritis

Formula C-Plus - cancer-fighting botanicals

Lymphatic System Support - to get the lymph moving for cancer prevention and to address the lymphedema caused by radiation

Gerovital GH3 - overall health support but specifically to help with neuropathy

Benfotiamine (fat soluble form of vitamin B1) - to help with neuropathy

Serrapeptase - enzyme made by the silk worm to address arthritis and scar tissue from radiation damage


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