Cacao Seed Extract

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Theobroma cacao - Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth (OTCO), USDA ORGANIC, Fair Trade Certified by IMO (Peru); grain alcohol 60%, spring water. Extracted via cold percolation.

A rich source of flavanoid polyphenols, cacao supports cardiovascular health, brain health, immune system strength; helps regulate lipids (cholesterol) and blood sugar; shown to reduce blood pressure in people with essential hypertension; shown to have anti-inflammatory and cancer preventing properties. A recent study has shown that consumption of cocoa flavanols improves acute cognition and mood during periods of sustained mental effort. Prebiotic, supporting a healthy balance of intestinal microflora.*

Rebecca Talks: Because of the amazing health benefits of cocoa polyphenols, I had the idea of making it up as a medicinal extract. Sure, it's a lot more fun to EAT the medicine in the form of dark chocolate, but taking a few "squirts" of the liquid extract a few times a day is convenient and a terrific way to make sure you're "getting it!" If you rely on eating chocolate for your cocoa medicine, make sure you eat the highest percentage of dark you can find. We eat 90% at our house.

Suggested Use: Shake well. Twelve years and older, add 2-4 "squirts" (1-4 ml or 15-60 drops) to a small amount of water and drink. This particular extract is great in coffee (which is also medicinal!). Use 3-4 times daily as desired. To evaporate alcohol before drinking, add to a cup of heated water (no microwave!) and allow to sit for ten minutes before drinking. If an herb is appropriate for children, herb doses for children under 12 are typically 1/2 the adult dose; adjust by weight accordingly or check with a qualified practitioner.

*This statement not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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8th Aug 2017

Keep's me going!

That says it all!!!

Tera Morris 29th May 2015

Instant energy!

Makes you feel great while keeping you healthy.

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